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Post TPS-Ubuntu 11.04[ISPConfig 3] - questions about network and SSH

Hello Falko,

I have followed your tutorial on how to forge for setting up the Perfect Server & want to let you know that so far it is great! In between, I took a sidestep to run vimtutor to brush up on the needed vi skills/shortcuts to be able to create and edit the different files.

My system name is and I set all of the IP addresses the same as you did in Step 7 - Configure the network.
I've been interested in setting up SSH and VNC at home, but haven't done it yet. I've got the Server (which is a dual boot with XP Home / Ubuntu Server 11.04) and an iMac with Snowleopard. I've got a Linksys Router (Wireless G), but the server is plugged directly into it, the Mac is connected through Airport.

On step 5 though, you mention that we are able to use PuTTY to connect to the server (via SSH) and enter all the commands. I'm at work now and downloaded PuTTY, opened it, and in the Host name, I put "". I tried the port as both 80 (and 22) and tried connecting, but I was unable to connect.
  1. Do I need to connect from inside the home network?
  2. If so, how can I do it from the Mac? I tried using SSHTunnel and Terminal, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly.
  3. How can I connect to it from outside of the home network?
  4. My ISP provider, Brighthouse, is dynamically providing me the IP address. I'm confused as to whether I will still need a tool like DynDNS to keep the IP address synced online, or if step 7 was the solution for that (or if it was only to keep the server IP within the network static).

Can you please clarify, or point me in some direction where I can find this information? Everything I've found so far seems to assume that the user already knows it.

Thanks again for the wonderful tutorial!
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