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Exclamation tar minuses

Originally Posted by Croydon View Post
I had a closer look at how the incremental directory backup is done here.

	    # If it's not the first day of the month we make incremental backup
	    if [ ! -e $tmpdir/full-backup$XX.lck ] ; then
		log "Starting daily backup for: $YX"
		NEWER="--newer $FDATE"
		$TAR $NEWER $ARG $BACKUPDIR/$MDATE/i$XX-$FDATE.tar.bz2 $YX -X $tmpdir/excluded
		log "Daily backup for $YX done."
	    log "Lock file for $YX full backup exists!"
I think this could lead to problems if (for any reason) one incremental run did not work. You could be missing files in the archives then, as the --newer flag is date-based.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to use the incremental flag of tar?

So instead of using
$TAR $NEWER $ARG $BACKUPDIR/$MDATE/i$XX-$FDATE.tar.bz2 $YX -X $tmpdir/excluded
you could use
$TAR $ARG -g $BACKUPDIR/$MDATE/backup$XX.state $BACKUPDIR/$MDATE/i$XX-$FDATE.tar.bz2 $YX -X $tmpdir/excluded
Of course you would have to add the -g $BACKUPDIR/$MDATE/backup$XX.state to the full backup command, too.


In my case, the tar incremental backup is not a very good solution. In the case you loose a incremental backup with my script you can restore the others. See below what's happening with tar incremental backups.

With tar "if you plan to create more ‘level 1’ backups, it is necessary to create a working copy of the snapshot file before running tar". With the script this is not the case.
The second minus from tar is "Incremental dumps depend crucially on time stamps, so the results are unreliable if you modify a file's time stamps during dumping". My script does not suffer from this and it was created partially because of this tar problem.

You can read here more:
The quoted examples are from the link above.
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