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Default Master failed -promote slave

The scenario is I have one master debian lenny running ispconfig3.3.3 hosting a couple of sites, emails, dns, and databases.

Slave a is in a datacentre and relies very little on the master other than to manage it and a coupe of DNS records.

Slave b is a mirror of Master with limited databases replicated (some of which are old) and using rsync to copy the contents of just the websites I believe.

Master has suffered a catastrophic failure and is at a remote location. I can't get it to boot. People who can see it tell me it reports a grub error 25. I won't be able to get to this Master until much later in the week.

Master and Slave B both sit behind a router which uses port forwarding to send all traffic to Master. The good news is, I've managed to now get the router to diver all traffic to Slave B.

Slave B is now serving up DNS records (which master previously did) and serve older versions of the websites... which is good for now.

So, my first task is I want to get Slave B to act as the Master now.

How do I do this?

The other good news that will hopefully assist with this is, I have been using go0ogl3's script to make backups of the master :

Master and Slave B do have different host names. Is this and issue? Their IP addresses shouldn't be an issue as they sat behind a router which would obviously be their public IP apparant to slave A.

The next task will be once I've looked at the problems on the failed Master, ie build a new one or permanently promote slave B to Master.

Your help is MUCH appreciated.
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