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That tutorial seems to use courier rather than dovecot.
Is couurier more robust? (going to have 300+ virtual users and some might be getting upwards of 50 emails per day and probably won't manage them correctly. I chose dovecot because of the advanced individualized quota and auto-pruning+notification features it supposedly has)

Also, it uses encrypted passwords instead of plaintext.
I wanted to start out with plaintext passwords in mysql because I am going to need to be able to retrieve them at first. (once I setup all the users, I have to know what password to setup for their email client). I could make a separate list or db, but that's same same security risk.
Isn't there a way to have a setting that it can be PLAIN, and then just change the setting to use encryption, and then encrypt the passwords once I have verified that it's all working correctly?

It starts out with an alias file rather than virtual users in mysql, and then goes to mysql..once completed (IF it works), is it ok to delete virtual.db (and referenced to it)?

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