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Default postfix virtual users and authentication problems

I have been trying to get postfix up and going with virtual users and am having a very hard time with it. I have posted in various forums on the web to no avail, but I am hoping somebody here can help.

I can receive mail fine.
In my maillog, when I try to SEND an email from an email client(or webmail), several things are happening.

NOQUEUE: reject: connect from localhost: client host rejected : access denied; proto=SMTP

xsasl_dovecot_server_connect: Connecting
warning: SASL: Connect to private/auth failed: Permission denied
fatal: no SASL authentication mechanisms
There is another post that is ALMOST like this, but the solutions there did not help. Originally I was not getting this error, just a 'client access denied' from my IP address, but after trying to fix it via instructions from the other post, this started happening. Following the example from a post for THIS problem made things worse and I could no longer receive emails.
I started over from scratch and now have it to this point.

I am not sure what I need to post...entire and (pretty long)

postconf -a says
postconf -A says nothing (empty)
(which I am sure is part of the problem, but not sure what to do about it)

postconf -d | grep nis says
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases, nis:mail.aliases
lmtp_sasl_mechanism_filter =
..which is odd.. alias_maps is for 'local delivery' correct?
Since I am using virtual users (from mysql), I would think it should be something like :
local_transport = virtual
alias_maps = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/
..which is exactly what I currently have in my /etc/postfix/

Any help would be appreciated.
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