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Default Disk quota error

I am using API to add a website with

PHP Code:
$params_website = array('server_id' => 1
'ip_address' => '*'
'domain' => $myusername.''
'type' => 'vhost'
'parent_domain_id' => ''
'vhost_type' => 'name'
'hd_quota' => '-1'
'traffic_quota' => '1000'
'cgi' =>'y'
'ssi' =>'y'
'suexec' =>'y'
'errordocs' =>'1'
'subdomain' =>'www'
'ssl' =>'n'
'php' =>"mod"
'ruby' =>'y'
'active' =>'y'
'redirect_type' =>'no'
'redirect_path' =>''
'ssl_state' =>''
'ssl_organisation' =>''
'ssl_organisation_unit' =>''
'ssl_country' =>''
'ssl_domain' => $myusername.''
'ssl_request' =>''
'ssl_cert' =>''
'ssl_bundle' =>''
'ssl_action' =>''
//'stats_password' =>$mypassword, 
'stats_password' =>''
'stats_type' =>'webalizer'
'backup_interval' =>'daily'
'backup_copies' =>'7'
'document_root' =>'/var/www/clients/client'.$client_id.'/web'.$domain_id
'system_user' =>'web'.$domain_id
'system_group' =>'client'.$client_id
'allow_override' =>'All'
'php_open_basedir' =>'/var/www/clients/client'.$client_id.'/web'.$domain_id.'/web:/var/www/clients/client'.$client_id.'/web'.$domain_id.'/tmp:/var/www/'.                            $myusername.''.$myusername.''
'custom_php_ini' =>'',  
'apache_directives' => '<Directory />
                                        Options FollowSymLinks
                                        AllowOverride All
                                        Order allow,deny
                                        Allow from all

'client_group_id' =>$client_id +1
$website_id $client->sites_web_domain_add($session_id$client_id$params_website); 
As you can see the disk quota is -1 meaning infinite amount of space. When the client logs into ispconfig control panel and looks at the web site he sees -1 as his disk quota. When he click on any of the tabs to get to redirect, ssl, or options it give the error


Harddisk quota is 0 or empty.
And then changes the qouta to 0.

The user can also use FTP to add files to his website, so I am unsure as to why this error is occurring.

Any Suggestions?
Debian 7.4 Server:
ISPConfig Version:

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