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mmmm thanks for your effort but the cfmx works great by me without your help. that wasn't the problem.
the problem was that:
virtual-server1 document root:/var/server/www/
virtual-server2 document root:/var/server/www/
coldfusion document root:/var/server/coldfusion/wwwroot

now i upload info.cfm to virtual-server1 so it coms in
/var/server/www/ and it is realy there

so i go to the url
then i got a 404 from my coldfusion server because he can't find the file. thats because he only look in the
so i tought then i upload it to

and gues what when i go then to
i get the page. and i can even delete /var/server/www/
and it stil works.
(this is by every virtual server)

is the problem clear but thanks a lot for your effot
(i'm sorry that i wasn't clear my earlyer posts)

2B or not 2B (a pro)
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