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Default First hardware raid, first data loss !!


hearing everywhere that HW raid is better than SW raid, i bought an adaptec 3805 to wich 8 WD15EADS are connected.

One 8.1To Raid 6 array were created using Adaptec interface and Openfiler 2.3 is installed on a
separate ide drive.

OF Volume groups, Volumes and shares were looking like this:

1 VG camotargets (for iscsi targets)

2.VG camostock (7452000 MB) including:
a. Volume STOCK01 including one shared folder named camofun

b. Volume STOCK02 including one shared folder named camobackup

This config was running fine until I got an alert sound from the raid card. When system rebooted, I got different error messages:
like " kernel monitor failed" or " firmware too old" ...

System started back again normally after a shutdown -h and one night powered off. Raid has been rebuild.

Volume groups and volumes are intact but Share "camofun" is not present anymore.

Do you think there is a possibility to recover lost data ?

Sorry for this litterature. I wanted things to be clear

I think I'll go for linux raid and there will soon be a Adaptec 3805 raid card for sale on Ebay !!! $$$ !!

Great thanks for your help, comments or any good advice.

Greetings to all.

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