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Alright it has been long enough for me to be fed up with all this troubleshooting so instead of me just doing random things I find on the web I am going to have to do this in a more intelligent manner.

ok So I need to start off by listing all the possibilities of a 403 error on a web site then from that list systematically rule out each issue until I get to the root cause.

I need help with the first step of this process. My current list of possible causes is as follows:

1.Site is password protected.
2.Wrong Group for access
3. Wrong username for access
4.The website may be configured so as to disallow all attempted requests for directory listings

When accessing the directory from the internet what user and group is used by the user to access those files? Is it client24:web52 *example*?

Also I am having no issue when I create a website through the control panel. Does the API do this process manually or does it use whet ever the control panel uses? if it uses the same script then I would have to assume that the problem is in my registration script.

Thank you for your help and I hope I can figure this out soon,
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