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Awesome script, really.

I read a post here about some user asking for "remote backup". Ok, it should be possible using sshfs...

__________________________________________________ ____

In debian (using "test" user and as fqdn of the remote computer as example)

apt-get -y install sshfs
sudo -i
mkdir /localmountdir
adduser test fuse

sshfs /localmountdir -p 22

next, you must specify "/localmountdir/" as backup dir in go0ogl3's script.
__________________________________________________ ___

I can access the mounted fs with this, but I can't write on it (permission denied)...

Maybe it is not working because I don't allow access in ssh for "root user". I have to make a few tests using root as user to login in ssh... if someone of you could help me with this, maybe we can use this script to make a backup on a remote computer.

Thanks to all,

edit: ok, as root it works perfect (you must add root to fuse group, don't use sudo, login as root in ssh and sshfs, it works for perfect).
I need to make it work using another user, because I don't want to allow root login in ssh/sshfs, please help! :P)

edit2: I made it work without root access. You must chown the remote folder firts (in the server) and next you must mount it on the "local" server. There is no way to chown files on mounter remote folder, but it is not a problem for this scripts, because you don't need any special owner for the tar.gz files... remember to "restore" the files in a folder OUT of the mounter fs, in order to keep original ownership of the files.


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