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Default sa-learn seems not to work

I'm using ISPConfig 3 on Debian Lenny.

I have a lot of messages separated in a "global Junk" mail folder. Things seems to go well when I run:

sa-learn --spam --dir .Junk/cur/
But even learning tons of messages that are supposed to be SPAM, the day after they get to our servers again without being marked, as nothing has been learned before.

Also, the configuration on /etc/amavis/conf.d/50-user differs from the ones in the ISPConfig Panel. For example, I see by the amavis logs that "$sa_tag_level_deflt" and "$spam_quarantine_to" are completely ignored in that file, and that ISPConfig uses the values in its "spamfilter_policy" database table.

Not sure if things are related, but like that I can't figure out where ISPConfig tells amavis + sa to get the learned rules from.

Many Thanks

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