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thanks for answers ..
I used that door just because it is not a conventional door (actually that is the door recommended by the tutorial, I've put another ), so it is more difficult to get the ISPConfig login page for an attacker , and a sniff show the door open without being able to say that service is (in theory).
certain that in the case of a corporate network that passes through proxies and firewalls are also filter outgoing ports could be a problem, but in any case I think that should be studied for the special case ...
for now my configuration is only meant to know the dynamics of a LAMP server and do a bit of practice, my server runs on a virtual machine on a desktop host...
About bind I posted an example found on internet, i see that a single Dns Server can act for both internal and external network, when specially configured ... I'm want to change the host file of the various PCs on the network for now I did for only one on which i work ....
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