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Originally Posted by 911 View Post
Hi, I'm trying to figure out if and how I can access the ispconfig cp by my domain name. Say its, well that would just resolve to the ip of at port 80 correct? Is there anyway to do this since ispconfig runs on port 8080? Thanks.
- the question would be - what are you trying to do exactly...

say you have, as your webhsting domain,

and all your servers are availible on etc etc etc.

than you dsn will (should) resolve to the ip of your webservers.
so if you want you want your controll pannel to be acessed by the servers dnsname example: http // than you would have to run a namebased vhost on port 80 with your server name and ispconfig as its /wwwroot.

you could also create a forward rule to poort 8080 with mod_rewrite (but i would consider that unsafe).

but you could also use a http 301 (redirect). - or you could explain your customers to always connect to 8080 themselves.
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