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Default The Perfect SpamSnake 10.10

Hi everyone
I need your help for some problems with baruwa
I do not know where it comes from
I put some screen, and I hope you understand the problem

First I have No records returned in the section messages or lists

And when I click on System status I have this. The status is in red and i haven't MTA processe

I put a other screen, this is my mail.log

Uploaded with

If you want a example of another file said me

An other question in the tutorial :
vi /usr/share/pyshared/baruwa/
Change the Quarantine hosturl to your liking:
QUARANTINE_REPORT_HOSTURL = 'http://baruwa-alpha.local'

I need to change http://baruwa-alpha.local by what? My server @ip ?

Thx for your help
Best Regards !

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