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Default 4 Questions SSL cert, https redirect, WebFtp,Bind

Hi, i have 4 questions about configuration of secure access,web ftp and bind views

1) i've created a SSL cert and redirected the http address for roundcube and phpmyadmin on https and everything is all right. But when a user visits a site created with Ispconfig to acces to the webmail (e.g. the browser will redirect to https correctly but alert the user that the CN of cert doesn't match the site this is because the CN is the main site or the common name of the server. what can i do?would be possibile to redirect all site/webmail to mainsite/webmail to avoid the alert that CN doesn't match?
1a) when i set ssl for a domain , it can be accessed either via http and https , How can i restric to only https?

2) when a user visits the panel ISPConfig via the http is shown a page that warns you to use https ... is possible redirect to https automatically?

3) Can u tell me a good webFTP client compatible with ispconfig?

4) Can i configure Bind for internal and external "view" through Ispconfig?

to create a cert and to redirect traffic i used this post and this tutorial

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