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Default Updated to and SSL/8080 stopped working

SSL/8080 was working earlier OK, but after updating to (at my own risk used from panel (system / Remote actions / Do ISPConfig-update ), went OK, but also after restart ISPConfig thru SSL stopped working (unsecured OK). Otherwise seems to work OK (shows when logged in).

I checked as per manual 6.2. ("6.2 Enabling SSL For The ISPConfig Web Interface") and all looks the same as earlier:
- certificates exists
- a2enmod ssl" gives "Module ssl already enabled"
- SSL engine extra lines in file still exists

- => works
- => gives below
Secure Connection Failed
An error occurred during a connection to
SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.
(Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)
When re-starting machine, everything looks OK, but when manually restart of apache shows error
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
Restarting web server: apache2apache2: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for
 ... waiting apache2: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for
Any idea?

Webmin (with SSL) still OK (done as HOWTO)
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