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Default email not sending or recieving

Hi all,

I've just started running a vps as I wanted to learn a bit more about hosting (no particular reason).

My VPS is a currently running centos 5.2 with all the standardish webserver stuff, apache, mysql, postfix... (no BIND)

Recently I tried to add a domain to the vps by redirecting the A records from my domain name provider, and point to my vps ip address e.g @, mail, www

@ (type A) my.server.ip
mail (type A) my.server.ip
www (type A) my.server.ip

On my vps using ispconfig3, I have setup the DNS zone accordingly, and the website is now displaying as I would like.

Unfortunately, the mailbox I've set-up through ispconfig3 does not seem to send or receive mails, though I can log in via squirrelmail.

On my VPS the DNS zone records are as follows...


My email domain is setup like this

My mailbox is setup like:

Name: my name
auto responder: n

Can anyone see anything wrong with this

I'm sure there are many reasons for this problem however, I just wanted to eliminate the obvious.

EDIT: I should have said that I get no error messages when sending from or to the mailbox, which leads me to think its something to do with the dns records.

thanks in advance.

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