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Default Unfortunately this solution can't work for my situation

I would love to have had this work for my situation, but my bind named.conf files are different. I have 3 different named.comf file, named.conf - which seems to be a bare bones file that references 3 other files, 1) 2) named.conf.default-zones 3)named.conf.local

I will post the contents of these files. In the named.conf.local file, a files is referenced there, and I will post the contents of this file as well. (this is the site I am trying to get to work)

None of these files have anything that is exactly like what has already been referenced here.

the named.conf.local has something almost like what you have talked about, it has a listen-on-v6 line, and I added a " listen on 53 { any; }; " to that file as well with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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