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Default can not started remote console

vmware server 2.0.2 is working but I can not started the remote console!

root@Equipe:~/bin# vmware-vmrc
vmware-vmrc: command not found

I copied the command but it seems that it should be "vmware - vmrc" but still it is not working I get the folwing error:

root@Equipe:~# vmware - vmrc
Launching VMware Web Access using /usr/bin/xdg-open
root@Equipe:~# [ 4)] Bad or missing pref 'state' for extension 'hpibmhghjndideebpackbdlpncgkcppp'
[ 4)] Bad or missing pref 'state' for extension 'lncjcfkpannmofmpgdfoonkniofdnaba'
[19453:19469:5537975912:ERROR:x509_certificate_nss. cc(763)] CERT_PKIXVerifyCert for failed err=-8179
[19453:19468:5546637495:ERROR:ssl_client_socket_nss .cc(2031)] handshake failed; NSS error code -5938, net_error -107

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