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Default which php.ini's get applied

I know there are different php.ini's inside /etc/php5/etc /etc/php5/cli /etc/php5/cgi

but now I checked the settings for a particular client and found he was using different values. So I found out he was using this php.ini /var/www/conf/web1/php.ini which seems to have been generated because I added some Custom php.ini settings when I configured his site in ispcfg3

to me it seems when I created his site, a php.ini was copied to /var/www/conf/web1/php.ini and the Custom php.ini settings were added to this php.ini.

My problem is that later on I changed the default php.ini i.e. /etc/php5/cgi - is this the one used by FastCGI? but he h
still had the old copy inside /var/www/conf/web1/php.ini - now which one takes precedence? How can I update his local copy to my updated one?

Sorry for the long confusing thread but can someone shed some light onto how this works please?
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