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Originally Posted by falko View Post
If you use an SSH client such as PuTTY, you can copy & paste from the tutorial. This helps avoiding typos.
Thanks. Actually I did use PuTTy. However, I was copying & pasting from several different tutorials (from CentOS, to Debian, to Ubuntu, etc) to get my setup up and running that somewhere along the line that particular line got edited and input incorrectly.

Hmm, maybe I should submit a tutorial on this this particular setup as they are hard to come by these days.

I noticed Falko that you used to use Dovecot previously but switched to Courier. Any particular reason for this? Is there features Courier provides that Dovecot does not? or is it because you found Courier easier to integrate into ISPConfig? (which is a great product by the way, I use it for a couple of my other virtual servers that I host end-user stuff on).
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