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Default Using ISPConfig3 only for WebServer (how to disabling others services

I am installing ISPConfig3 inside internal network and only service sites with sub-domain. And there are other servers on the network which manage email and dns. So I would to use ISPConfig3 only for Web (Apache-PHP), mysql and FTP.

And I would like to disable other services like dovecot (pop3/imapd), postfix, amavis, clamav, freshclam, spamassassin, bind BUT I still want php script able send email using sendmail

Can you tell me the correct way to do it?
Or these steps below enough?

ps: I am following this tutorial:

chkconfig dovecot off
service dovecot stop
chkconfig postfix off
service postfix stop
chkconfig amavisd off
service amavisd stop
chkconfig clamav off
service clamav stop
mv /etc/cron.daily/freshclam /root
chkconfig spamassassin off
service spamassassin start
chkconfig bind off
service bind stop
chkconfig sendmail on
service sendmail start

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