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Originally Posted by milli-pede View Post
1. would ISPConfig then rewrite the other files it manages in /etc ?
Not necessarily. ISPConfig just changes the files where you have changed something in the ISPConfig interface. Let's say you have enabled PHP for a web site, then ISPConfig will just rewrite the vhost configuration file of that web site. So if you did not restore the other vhost configuration files, then these vhost won't work. So I suggest you back up the Apache, Postfix, Courier/Dovecot, BIND configuration as well.

Originally Posted by milli-pede View Post
2. How about the order of the above, e.g. should not c. be copied first and then a. & b. while keeping owner, group and permission settings?
Yes, it's a good idea to restore /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow first.

Originally Posted by milli-pede View Post
3. If 1. = True, in which interval does ISPConfig do this - so how long after the database is updated until all other config files in /etc are updated?
ISPConfig checks for changes every minute.
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