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Question Migrating to new server

Hey folks,

I'm just wondering.

I'm migrating my old server to the new server.

I've created a few websites en mailboxes on my new server.

eg. and

On domain is already pointing to my new server (
I'm preparing to migrate. (domain is not pointing to the new server yet)
So what did i do.
I've created a mailbox equals to the old server.

I'm using mb2md tool to convert the mailboxes.
So i did

user@server:~> ./ -s /tmp/mailbox1 -R -d /var/vmail/
After running this, i can find all my mails in the /var/vmail/ folder.

okay, that worked, so i surfed to my server
Logged in with, everything works, BUT i can't see all my imported e-mails.

So, i did another test.
I've imported all the mails to my

user@server:~> ./ -s /tmp/mailbox1 -R -d /var/vmail/
once again is surf to my server webmail

Logged in with

What did i found?
All my mails are imported.

so my question is
Is it possible that i can't see my mails when i'm logging in to my webmail when my domain isn't pointing to my new server yet?
Or is there another explanation?
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