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Hi all,

I am am very much interested in finn's question about this topic.
I assume finn is clear on the fact that the apache config files do not represent the actual website content.
I would like to generalise the question as I think ISPConfig is actually managing quite a few more files in /etc and its subdirectories.

If I would restore -as mentioned here- the following files on a new system (e.g. after distro change or upgrade)

a. /var/www (web content)
b. /var/vmail (mail content)
c. /etc/passwd and /etc/group (users)
d. MySQL databases

1. would ISPConfig then rewrite the other files it manages in /etc ?
2. How about the order of the above, e.g. should not c. be copied first and then a. & b. while keeping owner, group and permission settings?
3. If 1. = True, in which interval does ISPConfig do this - so how long after the database is updated until all other config files in /etc are updated?

Looking forward to someone shedding some light into this...

kind regards,

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