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Default Virtual Host / Sub domains / Perfect Server

Hi, Im pretty new to Apache and DNS etc, I will first explain what i have currently.

I have an external webhost hosting my website ''
I have a SubDomain '' A Record pointed at my home IP Address'
I have a Computer running XenServer with OpenSUSE 11.4 Setup /w ISPCONFIG (Following Perfect Server Guide)
The Computers are behind a D-Link NAT Router.

Okay so this is what i would like to do.

I wanted to be able to create virtual hosts on my Suse Server and have them prefix my e.g. Virtual host 'live' would appear ''. What i have done so far is via my External Host CPanel i have setup a wildcard * as A Record. Then configured two conf files in the vhost.d/ folder. one for for default page and one for

when i goto, i get the test page for that virtual host,
but when i goto i get the same test page as not the correct one.

There is a few things that i am unsure of, I dont know if i need a vhost conf for the default page as i asume it would take default from normal apache www path. but when i placed the conf in vhost.d folder it became the default. Also am i corrent putting my home IP on my webhosts DNS as a A Record not CNAME.

I think i am close to making it work, i think there is something small i am doing wrong here.

Also one thing i would like to add is, When i go into ISPConfig > Sites and Create a new site. Apache crashes. and i cant restart it until i have removed the file it creates for the site in the site-enabled folder. Not sure what is happening here

All i want to do it have virtual sub domains on

Any help would be fantastic please?


Sean Yem
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