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Default ispconfig 3 with load balancing

dear team,

currently i have running a ispconfig 2 system with one great website.
the server load are sometimes up to 10.x (on the top times).

the most load are produced by mysqld and then by apache.

now i want transfer the website on a fresh install of ispconfig 3 and two (thress with one loadbalancer, or its not right?) servers.

my hardwaresetup:
3 x Servers with an Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quad-Core (2 x 750 GB SATA-II, 8GB RAM)

all three servers are connected with a second gigabit network card.

how i should choose the setup? virtual machine ore directly installed?

can i add a new server when the load are on this servers to high?

thank you!

kind regards
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