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I have 2 others questions is it possible to have 3 servers for db,mail,web and use vps for dns servers and combine vps and dedicated servers.
Yes. It does not matter for ispconfig if a server is a vps or real system.

Can I use glusterfs for system's production?
Thats a good question. On some systems we had good results while other systems had problems. It mighta lso be related to the glusterfs versions used, the new versions have improved a lot. Basically you can use any technology that allows shared access to files and that supports the Linux file system permissions like nfs, glusterfs, SAN (but e.g. no smb share). I guess you will have to test that to see if it works for your setup. Generally mail shares work rather good while www shares tend to make more problems.

One thing that you should be aware of is that ispconfig creates the system users on the www servers one by one when a new website gets added, so if you want to add a user manually on a www server on the shell for whatever reason, then make sure that you do this on the master and the slave so that the linux uid numbering scheme does not get broken.
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