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Let me ask you this question.

What i have is- srv1 running wwwdotgodaddydotcom and it is web.4zip

So I decided to shut down srv1 because it is getting old and I just bought a new server (srv2)

On srv2 I decided to not add back all of my website and only one website wwwdoegodaddydotcom but now it is my first and only website on srv2 which also has a different ftp user as well.

How can I download from srv1 and then unzip it and upload to the new server when it is a different ftp server now? Plus, the website has many permissions set i.e. /application/public which is all 777 yet, /application/non-public is 755 and in other places I have file rights set throughout. How in this situation can I get permissions back down to the original file rights and with the same ftp user?

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