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If you use API and dont comment it out, password wont work.
In next lines are the insert with md5('.$password.') in the query.

UPDATE in -> NO crypt -> after a update the account work perfect:
PHP Code:
        function ispconfig_sysuser_update($params,$client_id){
$username $app->db->quote($params["username"]);
$password $app->db->quote($params["password"]);
$client_id intval($client_id);
$sql "UPDATE sys_user set username = '$username', passwort = md5('$password') WHERE client_id = $client_id";
ADD in -> crypt -> login with API created account wont work:
PHP Code:
            for (
$n=0;$n<8;$n++) {
$password crypt(stripslashes($password),$salt);
$sql1 "INSERT INTO sys_user (username,passwort,modules,startmodule,app_theme,typ,active,language,groups,default_group,client_id)
            VALUES ('$username',md5('$password'),'$modules','$startmodule','$usertheme','$type','$active','$language',$groups,$groupid,$insert_id)"

Add a normal account in ispconfig and look into the database in sys_user table -> its md5.
client table is crypt.

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