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Default Debian 5 (Lenny) upgrade to Debian 6 (Squeeze) DNS and Mail Not working

Hey everyone.

I Really hope someone else has come across this. So quick run down my server was Debian 5 but has been upgraded to Debian 6.

In the upgrade process I made sure to keep bash, fixed the issue with MySQL and skip-bsd. Everything seems to go as planed. But did not. When I was able to log back into ISPConfig 3 control panel its was stating that the Email (Pop3/Imap) was offline so I just went ahead and commented out the seive stuff on the dovecot.conf for a quick fix (So this is one issue I need help with).

But the BIGGEST problem is that Bind doesn't seem to be working. It says its online and working in ISPConfig 3 but the domains cannot be accessed. I can get to them through FTP using the servers IPs. But nothing else. Please if you have any ideas let me know.

This is a server that runs a big website for a client so I need to try and fix it asap. Thanks
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