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Default Debian video server with Lighttpd


Well, I was trying to do a video server just like YouTube and I find out this HowTos.

So I tried them and go through all the steps and with out any mistakes or errors at all. But When I test it, I failed seeing my .flv video. The only thing I could see was the example of the flowplayer. After some time thinking about it, I concluded that my mistakes were probably because I changed some few things.

- Instead of using the same old software that was in the example, I used the newest ones. And of course Debian 6. Could that be a problem?
- In the page number 1 of "Build Your Own Video Community With Lighttpd And FlowPlayer (Debian Etch)" in the step 2 and 3, there was an error, I made the "apt-get update, apt-get install ffmpeg" that steviewdr said in the comments at the end of the page. Could that be a problem?

That's all, apparently it works...but I can't see my video!
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