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Default Have to reboot server, seems to stop responding

Hi, Every once in a while, it seems like my server is either not responding, or very slow to respond, and I have to reboot, and that seems to temporarily fix it. It's a VPS, and I'm not really even close to using up all of my RAM (Usually around 200 MB free, of 512 MB), and I only use 10% on average of the CPU.

Any ideas what could be causing this? It's quite annoying, because I've got everything hosted on this server: DNS, Email, webserver, shoutcast, shoutcast transcoder, etc.

I followed this guide of setting up software of my services:

The data center insists that it's something that I've configured wrong or something, and I told them about the RAM and CPU and they checked, but they couldn't find a problem on the server.

Debian Lenny
512 MB RAM
10 mbps unmetered bandwidth

Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated, as it it affects the entire operation of my site and related services.



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