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Ok here is the rundown..

I want to act as a server for my website, set up this computer to be the host for this site, so all I'll need to pay for is the domain registration (right?).

Anyway, I've gone into this with a lot of computer knowledge, but not much networking, etc experience. I first tried just setting up ISPConfig without the fresh install on my system running Mandriva 2006, based on the "perfect set up" thing. It ended up having problems, so I did a fresh format and followed all the "perfect set up Mandriva 2006" steps, with little error. It is now up and running, although I have the hostname under the same address I want to put on the Internet (I don't know if that is a mistake or not).

Well I registered my domain name with GoDaddy, and trying to figure out what to do next brought me here. I found out that I needed to "point" the DNS records at my IP, so I went into their option called "Set Nameservers". Here, it doesn't let me put in my IP or the DNS that I set--it gives me the error I mentioned above. I noticed these "Nameservers" come in pairs, is that the only problem? I don't see any other options in GoDaddy that have anything to do with pointing DNS, etc.

I have some other questions, but this issue should help me figure out those issues too.

Let me know, thanks for the response!
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