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Default ISPConfig Install Script

I have updated the script, and I have moved it to Github. I am not seeing any errors when I run it, but it could still use some testing.

The script now prompts users for options. Please type this correctly. I have not placed any error checking at this time. This will be something else that needs to be done to the script.

To me, the script is much cleaner. It has more options (Dovecot and Courier). I will be adding MyDNS as well (possibly others). You can choose to install Quota and Jailkit or not. That is up to you. Everything is pretty easy to understand.

It can be found here:

I am hoping to add other distributions to this script as well. I am not sure on a time frame for that, but I would like to add them.

Let me know any questions that you have, I will try to answer them.

Installation instructions can be found in the README and Github.

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