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Post Another FTP backup solution

Hello everyone,

Because of not finding a backup solution that fit my needs i've take some pieces from other scripts added some of my own and rewrite it to this one.

How it works:
The script makes a backup of the MySQL database in separate files (each DB has it own file) every 4 hours by using a cronjob, these files are stored in a local directory.

When finished the DB backup and the ISPconfig (Website) backup are copied to a FTP server, to prevent unneccessary load and bandwidth use the backup of the websites is copied once a day during the night (ISPconfig makes 1 backup at 0:30 so extra copies are not needed)

For this script the backup option in ISPconfig must be set.

Do NOT forget to change the < > values to fit your needs

A little manual is in top of the script.

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