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Default ISPConfig forward to VirtualBox ISPConfig

Here's my setup:

Zoneedit Nameservers point to External IP, No DNS Configs in ISPCONFIG
Ubuntu 10.04 running ISPConfig 3 on a single box
VBoxHeadless running Ubuntu 10.10 w/ new ISPConfig install (Internal IP), www, mail, and the like point to the IP of the non-virtual ISPConfig install and work perfectly. I want to point to IP of the non-virtual ISPConfig, but want to redirect it to the IP of the VBox ISPCONFIG.

When I tried creating rules inside the DNS portion of ISPConfig, would simply point to the root folder of the non-virtual server.

How do I recirect incoming requests for to the IP of the VBox ISPConfig setup?

{hope that makes sense... I know it's a bit cryptic}
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