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Originally Posted by till View Post
The file /proc/user_beancounters exists in the vps as well if openvz or virtuozzo is used as virtualisation system. So if you dont have that file, it simply means that your provider uses a different virtualisation software.

I still believe that its a resource problem. A server that is installed according to the perfect setup guide that uses normally more then 250 MB RAM.
OK, but I have turned off EVERYTHING to do with mail, spam, smtp, imap and all the bits that come with it. MySQL is tweaked to limit memory usage, so I can't understand how this uses over 200Mb of my free RAM plus another 512Mb of swap, just to, for example, configure a vhost to be non-ssl and restart apache. And when I do it manually and it works OK, the whole process barely takes 3-4 seconds and the memory bar hardly flutters at all.

I can run a complex large sound encode using lame on an 80Mb file, but ispconfig needs more than this just to run a shell script? Seems odd.
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