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Exclamation File upload problems in PHP


I have ISPConfig 2 installed on Ubuntu 10.04 server. My problem is that I have a php code in many of my own coded websites where customers can create folders and upload docs in it. The problem is that the main folder, which i created by FTP is working (i mean i can create dirs and files into it), but the created subfolders is not working, i cannot create another dirs or files in it. I found that the problem is in the privileges of the linux server, the parent dir created by customer:web# and the subfolders wwwdata:wwwdata. If i change manually the subfolders owner and group, it comes working. How can i make it work with the least administrative effort and not decreasing security. If there is any htaccess solution, it would be also acceptable but when i tried to solve this problem with it i always found an internal server error 500 message. But i'm not an expert in linux systems...
Please help!
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