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Default Process problems with ClamAV

Hi all!
I have another problem with my ClamAV 096.1 on Ubuntu 10.04. I found a few days before that i had enabled antivirus modul on ispconfig 2 for a few users. Then after they started using it, server started to slow down and i found dosens of zombie clamav processes which had eated all my memory and CPU time. I had to kill them manually to free up resources and server started to come back slowly to functioning and speed up. After that i found that my memory usage was dropped down approx. to 200 megs by all other processes which then increased to near 1 gigs (as it is normal) as time passed. Is there any solution to solve it? Does clamav have any easier update process? I think i will disable the av modul in ispconfig 2 GUI if the problem is not resolvable quickly. Thanks for any help!
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