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Default phpmyadmin is 404 file not found

I hope I have not posted this in the wrong location.

While following your instructions at I had a learning curve. Thank you for providing a good set of instructions.

I have played with Linux (Ubuntu) for a very short time. I need a server, so decided to build one. I first loaded the latest Ubuntu (10.10) and then searched for instructions. I tried several and ended up reloading Ubuntu a few times (I have since learned how to un-install things). I found your instructions and loaded MySQL (have not checked it yet), Apache2 (It Works!), PHP5 (Vi was another learning experience, but info.php works). Then I tried to install PHPMyAdmin.

First, I made a mistake and said yes to using dbconfig-common for setting up the database. That got me into a loop asking for a password. This is where I learned "apt-get --purge remove phpmyadmin" and again started the phpmyadmin install. This last one appeared to work, but there are no files in the www folder other than info.php and index.html.

What should I do now? Should I get the phpmyadmin page from my windows machine (and any supporting php include files)? Should I try another install of phpmyadmin? Is there a file folder I can check to see if the files installed?
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