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I've added to the /etc/hosts file. This is what my hosts file looks like right now:

Code:	phunix02	localhost.localdomain	localhost	localhost4
::1	phunix02	localhost6.localdomain6	localhost6
Also I don't think i'm blacklisted, unless the timeouts mean I'm blacklisted..

Listed 0 times with 4 timeouts.
But still nothing changed..

EDIT: there is another mailserver in the domain, could it be that's the reason why sending mail to gmail isn't working? The other mailserver has ip and is also reachable at
This other mailserver runs microsoft exchange 2003, and when I check it shows me this IP: and says my host name is: ... is there any way to fix this (if this ofcource is the problem) and could this also be the problem why mailing to the doesn't work..?

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