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I think I confirmed it. I run it for about 2-3 days now and it works!
I can update awstats anytime I want (e.g. through cron)

By the way: I can have Greek (that means ... any language that awstats support) just by changing the line:
$command = "$awstats_buildstaticpages_pl -update -config='$domain' -lang=en -dir='$statsdir' -awstatsprog='$awstats_pl'";
with this one
$command = "$awstats_buildstaticpages_pl -update -config='$domain' -lang=gr -dir='$statsdir' -awstatsprog='$awstats_pl'";
Actually, I have to run it, once, after the default cron (e.g. 00:40). That means, that I can have Greek and frequently updated stats WITHOUT even change a single line of the ISPConfig php files.

A suggestion:
Maybe ISPConfig could have an implementation like this. The default cron.daily could call a script to update stats and after that make the necessary rotations. With this, we could call the script anytime we want. Even through ISPConfig interface via a button.
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