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Originally Posted by beyerservice View Post
hey. i have tried that too, but it didn't work like i expected.
configuration is done with strange config files (GNustep) and authentication only works with LDAP and i don't what to install another authentication server (mysql DB works fine for me). so i skipped that.
Can you tell us, how it works or maybe write some nice howto?
well in trueth ive only yet used it as part of Ebox (now called zentyal) so i cant really share all to mutch info as to how and iff its fully cmpatible with ISPconfig,

the fact of the matter ist that a 'groupware' addon will be a verry outstanding feature that many other pannels dont have.

wheter it be sogo, egroupware or other matters not that mutch at all as long as its well-intergrated and proficiently compatible with the most used clients both desktop (outlook / thunderbird / evolution) webbased (ajax) and mobile (android / symbian / iphoneOS )

so if this particular thing isn't going to work (or work easily thatn lets move on to somthing else... ?) i dont know,

im hoping to get my hands on a decent testmachine pretty soon...
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