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Yes I've expressed another opinion, but I also spotted that the solution you proposed won't work, imho :

Modifying the cron_daily.php script won't solve the issue because it will force every websites to use both and we won't have the choice to use either only one or the both
Isn't there any other way to get this feature, without forcing every websites to get both statistics scripts ?

I know I can make a feature request, but if I can get some hints on the forums to get it by myself, it would be much quicker, I've seen feature requests with many votes lying in the bugtracker for weeks or months before just being included into the roadmap.

I know this is normal : There's a lot of work, only few (one ?) developpers, but the final result is that a feature request won't be in a release before approximately 6 months, assuming that it gets many votes quickly.
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