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Default webdav access problem

when I am trying to add network loaction in windows 7, I am getting the error the folder "folder you entered doesn't appears to be valid".

I have tried all options like I have created a doc folder in /webdav/doc in ISPCONFIG control panel

Now when I am trying to access the same by adding network location I have tried all possible combinations like
  1. http://user(actual user name)ass(actual password)@mydomain.tld/webdav/doc
  2. http://user(actual user name)ass(actual password)@mydomain.tld/doc
  3. http://mydomain.tld/doc

but none of the above work.
However one thing I have noticed which needs attention in particular that is "webdav folder is being created outsite the default /web folder. "Could this be the reason for the error?

Please help.
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