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Default Client/User mailbox quotas problem

Not sure if anyone has run across this before...

My scenario:

I set a template for clients. In that template, I specified a 2000 MB mailbox limit. I constructed a client using that template, and built 6 mailboxes for that client, each with a 250 MB limit. Because of space needs, I went in to that client and set the template back to Custom, and Mailbox quota to -1 (unlimited). I then went into each mailbox for that client and set the mailboxes' Quota each to 0 (signifying unlimited). However, each individual mailbox still has a quota enforced when it reaches the old 250 MB limit. I've checked the database tables client (for client quota) and mail_user for individual quota, and both are set appropriately. I've also rebooted the server thinking maybe a cf file or something had to be regenerated by the service. No-go.

Any ideas? Are there any files in the system I can check where these quota numbers are fed to another service?

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and ISPConfig
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