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Post RoundCube RC package available for ISPConfig

I have read at that there is an RC package available created by paulrobert_a, which is very nice of course.
Thanks for that nice job!

I have installed Roundcube too, without using that RC package and i can login with the e-mailadress + password and also with username + password.

I have two questions about paulrobert_a's RC package:

1- Login:
After installing this, how am i able to login?
Is it the same way as my way? Or is it also possible to login with ONLY the e-mailadress + password (same as the Uebimiau RC package).

2- URL:
After installing the RC-package, what is the URL to the RoundCube webmail?
Is it or something like ?
(I have to ask this, because i don't want to kill Uebimau on my system).
Of course i know the answers if i install the RC-package, but i like to know it before i do such a thing.


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