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Originally Posted by Rocky View Post

Glad you got the snake up and running, although not completely 100% functional, I'm sure a few minor tweaks will fix your issues.

Add &> /dev/null at the end of all of your cronjobs, before the comment (#) statement to avoid the email messages.

The bayes user will be 1 because we specified root as the override user, who has access to the db, so that's normal.

Ok so you've figured out dcc and clamav, that's great. Give us a breakdown of your setup. What is it relaying to, are your clients internal, have you setup proper dns mx records for your mails to flow to the snake?

Once your mx records are setup properly, mails will start flowing to the snake. You'll have to setup the domains/transports in Baruwa for which you're relaying for and the destination smtp server, and after filtering, mails should flow to that server. A writeup can be found in the howto for the snake on how to do this.
Thanks for your post Rocky!

I have 2 servers, the first server "node01" is running Debian with ISPConfig3 and acts as a LAMP basically. All my domains and mailboxes reside here.

The second server "mailgw" is running the spamsnake. Where I have setup "node01" as relay host in the Baruwa interface.

For now I have redirected only a test domains MX-record to the spamsnake. Mail seem to be relaying just fine.

But if I manually send mail through "node01" to the test domain, mails are also coming in. This is obvious, as I have not limited "node01" to recieve mail from the spamsnake only. This is what I'm trying to find out howto to do in a proper way.

Both server are "external", running as seperate machines with external global IP's.

I'm wondering if I need to specify anything special in this line in /usr/src/

postconf -e "mynetworks =,"
Obviously I'm not using as my network, but I'm in doubt as what to enter here.

Thanks for any assistance and please ask if you need more info.
Best regards

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