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Originally Posted by till View Post
ISPConfig allows only to use webalizer or awstats as there is only one stats folder.
This does not mean you can't use the two... o_O

I was previously using DTC Panel and we had the two scripts generating statistics everyday (on a busy server) and in the same stats folder ...

Statistics processing uses a lot of re4sources on a busy server, so there is only one stats package enables per site. If you want to use both statistics packages at the same time, you might have to edit the cron_daily.php script.
First, not everyone has a busy server so, why reduce the public of ISPConfig ?

Then, I think resources management is a choice of the administrator and should not be decided by the panel. Resources optimizing, ok, not resources management. If ones thinks it's ok to have both, let's allow him to have both, he is administrator, he's supposed to know what he is doing... And, moreover, he's supposed to assume what he's doing.

Modifying the cron_daily.php script won't solve the issue because it will force every websites to use both and we won't have the choice to use either only one or the both. What would be, in my opinion, just logical, would to have a multiple-select instead of a simple select, in ISPC : Choose one, choose the other, choose both ...
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